Playthrough of the Home Alone Video Game for SNES

'Home Alone' is undoubtedly a Christmas classic, but do you remember playing the 'Home Alone' video game?

In this series of videos from the appropriately-named HomeAloneMemoryLane on Youtube, you can experience the entire game as the player records the story in four parts.

The game's artwork is a pretty accurate depiction of the 'Home Alone' world, taking artistic cues from the McCallister's house and the various traps that Kevin sets when the Wet Bandits break in. Can you spot the paint cans, plain cheese pizza, and laundry chute from the movie? The small white dogs and bull frogs seem to be something straight from the minds of the video game developers, however!

The 'Home Alone' game was released in 1991, one year after the movie, and received pretty lackluster reviews. In addition to the SNES version, there were Game Boy, NES, Sega, and PC versions of 'Home Alone' games, each with different graphics and gameplay.

If you want to try the game for yourself, you can find it for just over $5 on Amazon and from $5-$10 on eBay. With some computer smarts, you could even boot up the computer ROM version!