2016 Christmas Stamp from the USPS features Nativity Scene

As part of their Christmas stamps for 2016, the U.S. Post Service will release a Nativity scene celebrating Jesus' birth.

Going a little more traditional than last year's Peanuts stamps, this year's USPS Christmas stamps are dedicated to the religious side of the holiday and an observance of his birth in a nativity.

The stamps feature a classic view of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus, with a shining star above the serene scene of his birth. The dark blues and yellows seem to indicate that night is just now falling across the site, and Joseph holds a lantern above baby Jesus in a manger filled with hay.

This year's commemorative stamps are available for the standard face-value of $0.47 per stamp, or $9.40 for a book of 20 stamps and are suitable for use as any other USPS Forever stamp. The USPS store also offers other collectibles featuring the Nativity artwork and envelopes marked with "First Day of Issue".