Could This Be The 2016 Hess Toy Truck?

These diagrams could be clever hints left by Hess Truck designers that reveal a 2016 design.

The two images seen above look like preliminary designs, and were recently used in the Hess Toy Truck official blog, but those designs don't match any previous Hess truck! Other images on the Hess site show previously released toys, but when looking through the entire history of Hess toys, no model looks like the ones in the diagrams.

Could this be the 2016 Hess Truck?

Both images show the same style of truck, even though the design is a bit different. The off-road SUV in the blueprint could have folding doors that reveal the firefighting equipment within the truck bed.

The closest match in the Hess line of toys is the design for the 2007 Hess monster truck, but when that model was finalized, it carried motorcycles on the back and not the firefighting equipment seen in the diagrams.

Along with that Hess blog post, they also mention that designs for toys are planned years in advance, so if the 2016 truck doesn't resemble these diagrams, we'll keep an eye out for it next year!

The 2015 Hess Truck was announced on October 19th last year, so an announcement for 2016 may be coming soon.

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