The Hess Toy Truck for Christmas 2016 is a Drag Racer with Pickup Truck

The Hess Christmas truck for 2016 has been announced, and it's pretty close to our prediction!

For 2016, the dragster and truck combo will have what Hess calls the "largest accompanying race car in the fleet’s history", which is a pull-back powered dragster than can drive with all wheels on the ground or in a wheelie position! With the "more power" that Hess had promised this year, we imagined more of a self-powered or even radio-controlled car, but the pull-back motor is similar to many Hess toys.

Both toys are battery powered, and as with all Hess toys, the batteries are included. The total cost will be $31.99 and it can be ordered on the Hess website. There have been no announcements so far concerning whether the toy will be sold in any stores or kiosks in malls like last year.

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