Hess Toy Truck Comes to Life!

Here's a Hess truck that wouldn't fit under a Christmas tree!

We've seen a firetruck painted like a Hess toy truck, but here is the original Hess tractor trailer that became one of the Hess toys.

The truck is a White 9000, a popular model of 18-wheeler in the '60s and '70s. Painted in the green and yellow colors of early Hess trucks, the website Daily Diesel Dose thinks that it may have worked at a Hess terminal in Connecticut, hauling a tanker just like the toy version.

Whether the truck was painted to match the toy or if the toy was modeled from the truck, they certainly look identical: Same classic paint scheme and Hess logos with red wheels, bumpers, and gas tanks.

Look through the Timeline of Hess toys to see the green and yellow models over the years that resemble the official tractor-trailer.

The real-life Hess semi-truck was up for auction when it was spotted in 2015, so some Hess collector out there may be building an entire new room to add this piece to his Hess toy collection!

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(Image via Jason on Daily Diesel Dose)