A Life-Size Hess Toy Truck!

Here's something fantastic: A real-life fire truck decorated like a Hess toy truck!

A few years ago, Commack, New York's Engine Company 3 decorated this white fire truck to look just like a holiday edition Hess model, which has had multiple fire truck versions over the years. Even though this truck says "Hess 1999" on the back, it appears to be a 1989 Hess model.

Notice anything strange about the red ladder on top? That truck is actually a pumper truck, which wouldn't have a ladder! If you look closely as the truck drives by, you can see that the ladder is added on, along with some other details like the rolls of fire hose in the middle of the truck and hydraulic pistons along the side of the ladder. They did a fantastic job, though! It looks identical to the Hess model, and it's amazing that they managed to modify the truck for the holidays, but still keep it functional!

1989 Hess Fire Truck

Seeing a full-size Hess truck is quite a sight! Here's the 1989 Hess commercial that featured the white fire truck.

Do you collect Hess trucks? This year there are two special 50th anniversary models!