The 2017 Hess Christmas Truck

This year's Hess toy truck is the first dump truck and it's hauling some construction equipment!

For 2017, Hess went with some tough toys that are ready to get to work — the dump truck is bringing along an excavator that can load the truck up with construction debris. With other 30 LED lights and a motorized excavator, this is the "heaviest and most complex" Hess Christmas toy ever, and is built from over 350 parts.

It's available now on the Hess website, but there haven't been any announcements about retail locations, so the days of picking up the yearly truck at the Hess station may be truly gone. After the gas stations transitioned to new ownership, the last time the trucks were sold "in public" was when the 2015 model was sold at mall kiosks.

This large truck is in addition to the mini Hess trucks that were introduced earlier in the year.

Any Hess trucks that you find on Amazon are units being resold by individuals and may cost more than the $34 Hess price, but it can be a good place to find older trucks to complete your collection.

As always, the Hess toy comes with Energizer batteries included, as the founder Leon Hess requested.

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