The Christmas Podcast Network Brings Together All The Best Christmas Shows

These podcasts will fill up your ears with Christmas cheer!

Whether you're the kind of person who longs to have Christmas all year or if you're just looking for something to listen to while putting up decorations, the Christmas Podcast Network has plenty of entertainment that you'll enjoy.

There have been a few podcasters over the years who do yearly shows or keep the spirit alive by talking about Christmas throughout the year, but now 10 Christmas podcasts have joined together to form the Christmas Podcast Network. The shows all share a common love of Christmas and even cross-collaborate on each other's shows.

Here is the current roster of shows and the general programming theme you can find on each one:

  • Tis the Podcast — Fun reviews of Christmas movies, both classics and some of the forgotten movies that you'll find on the TV schedule around November and December.
  • Christmas Past — Boiling down Christmas traditions to learn the history behind our modern celebrations.
  • Can’t Wait for Christmas — A fun monthly show that keeps Christmas alive all through the year, looking back at Christmas history, ranking Christmas songs, and exploring Christmas traditions.
  • Deck the Hallmark — Three guys on a mission to review every new Hallmark movie to premiere this season.
  • Weird Christmas — Some Christmas traditions were pretty weird, and Weird Christmas is tracking them down.
  • HallMark and Jess — A journey through all the sugary-sweet movies Hallmark has to offer.
  • Tinsel Tunes — Learn more about Christmas music both old and new.
  • Christmas Creeps — Digging through the full range of Christmas movies, from TV specials to wild straight-to-video releases.
  • Advent Calendar House — Reviewing classic Christmas features and TV specials.
  • It’s a 90’s Christmas Podcast — Reminisce about Christmas the way it was in the 1990s, the TV, toys, candy, and commercials that will bring back those '90s memories.

This network is truly a powerhouse that bring together nearly every Christmas podcast out there, so subscribe to the shows and start learning more about everything Christmas!