DIY Plans to Build Christmas Decorations out of LEGO

Here's a great way to make your own ornaments with the spare LEGO pieces you may have!

Chris McVeigh is an illustrator who has a knack for finding new ways to rearrange LEGO pieces into Christmas scenes. He has produced build guides for a full range of Christmas favorites like Rudolph, Santa and Mrs. Claus, snowflakes, gingerbread houses, and even LEGO recreations of vintage blown-glass ornaments!

What is truly unique about the designs is how small they are, yet they contain so many details. Since LEGOs are so blocky, sometimes it takes some imagination to see a Christmas tree in a few green blocks, but Chris manages to create ornaments that are beautifully detailed and still compact enough to hang on a tree.

The guides are free to download and you can search for parts in your own LEGO collection, but Chris also sells complete build packs that include all parts necessary since some small parts may be hard to locate in typical LEGO sets.

If you're decorating in a LEGO theme this Christmas, there are a full range of larger sets to create train sets, Christmas villages, and even a nutcracker!