The Hess Toy Truck For 2014: A Space Cruiser with Launch Pad!

Even though Hess stations were sold to Marathon Petroleum and will eventually be renamed to Speedway stations, the Hess Truck lives on. If you didn't grow up in the northeast U.S., you may not be familiar with Hess toy trucks. Each year, the Hess Corporation debuts a new design for their classic toy truck that has been sold at their gas stations since 1964! For 2014, the truck is really futuristic: A space plane that rides on a flatbed transport truck and even has a tiny exploration vehicle that is stored in the spacecraft! Like most Hess trucks, the model will feature lights and sounds and will come included with Energizer batteries, to avoid any scrambling on Christmas Day to find batteries for the toy.

This is a special year for the tradition of Hess trucks: The 2014 model celebrates the 50th anniversary of the trucks, which have been sold in Hess gas stations since 1964. In addition to the 2014 model, there will be a separate collector's edition truck that commemorates the original 1964 design. The green tanker truck will have extra lighting and a bonus smaller truck that replicates the original model truck.

Replica of the 1964 Hess Truck

Did you know? The tradition of Hess model trucks was begun by Mr. Leon Hess, who wanted to give families an affordable and high-quality toy to give at Christmas.

Want to learn more about Hess toy trucks? Pay a visit to the Hess mobile museum, traveling along the east coast this winter and order your Hess toys online!