The Hess Toy Truck for Christmas 2015: A Silver Surprise!

The 51st Hess Toy Truck will be... Silver? The full truck announcement won't come until November 1st, but some new details about this year's Hess Christmas truck have already been released.

While last year's Hess trucks came in a regular and special 50th anniversary edition, this year's truck will incorporate a special all-silver edition. There will be 100 individually-numbered Silver Edition Hess trucks randomly hidden in normal Hess truck boxes. It's fun to imagine the lucky few that will open the Hess box this season and find a special silver edition! The winners of the silver trucks will even get a coupon for a standard 2015 truck, in addition to the silver one.

Since Hess has been sold to Marathon Petroleum, this is the first year that toy trucks will no longer be available at gas stations. You'll need to purchase one online, by phone at 1-844-HESSTOY (1-844-437-7869), or visit one of 10 malls in the northeast U.S.

Are Hess trucks one of your holiday traditions?

(Image above: A vintage Hess with a bit of silver sparkle added!)