Lantern Magic at Chester Zoo: Spend This Christmas with Some Zoo Animals!

Getting together with your family on Christmas might feel like a trip to the zoo, but if you live near Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England, you can really spend Christmas with some wild animals!

Chester Zoo has a program called Lantern Magic that gives you the chance to visit the zoo at night for a unique Christmas experience. The event begins at 4pm and is centered around exploring the zoo after it has closed. Families will construct lanterns to carry with them to light the way, and life-size animal sculptures will be lit up like lanterns along the zoo's walking path. Add in some warm drinks and a visit from Father Christmas, and it's sure to be a fun family outing.

In the videos below, you can get an idea of what a night at the zoo would be like. If you're going to be near Cheshire, England in the month of December, order your tickets for Lantern Magic! It runs December 4–7, 11–14, and 18–23 for 2014.

(Image via Chester Zoo)