Happy Christmas 2015, From Winter Acre

Just a quick note from your faithful editor: Thank you for visiting Winter Acre all year long and making 2015 a memorable year!

My history with Christmas websites goes as far back as the '90s, when I put together a page of Christmas links and hosted it on my dial-up Internet service provider's local server. Years later, I was reminiscing about that site and quickly put together a modern version hosted on my personal domain. In 2014, I brainstormed the idea of "Winter Acre" and moved to this domain name, in more of a blog/news format. Now, throughout the year, I enjoy finding Christmas-related topics to write about, and I have learned so much about my favorite holiday by keeping up-to-date with Christmas news! The site is truly a labor of love, and I thank you for every visit and kind word shared.

Happy Christmas and may your 2016 be merry and bright!

– Trace Gilton
Editor, Winter Acre